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The obligatory About Me page

Just who do I think I am?

published: September 14, 2018
last modified: September 27, 2020

Image: Dalomo; Pixabay

So, who am I, and what business do I have putting yet another site on this already overstuffed web?

I #amwriting, as the hashtag goes, and I will have more to say about that in time if I ever finish and publish the frickin' work-in-progress (WIP). When the muse is in one of her oh-let’s-go-“techy”-instead-of-“fictiony” moods and tells me to write here instead of in the WIP, I add to this site. Sometimes it’s even about the app or apps I use to write, which leads me to the next point . . .

Am I anybody special? Nope; just an ordinary working guy who, for decades, has used a multitude of computing devices, operating systems, and apps—and learned a few things (and formed more than a few opinions) along the way. I’ve been told I can make complicated things easier to understand, and I try to do the same here.

Finally: since the Kewl Kids went off and left us non-SSG users in the dust, it behooved me and my geek’s curiosity to give this stuff a try, and that was the main reason I started the site in the first place. As one who’s long delighted in hand-coding websites whenever possible, I love seeing the comeback of static sites.