Headers up

Managing caching and FLOC

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Here’s a Cloudflare Worker for handling headers with Cloudflare Pages.

Using Eleventy’s official image plugin

Save time and trouble with this intro and code

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The what, why, and how of Eleventy Image.

Gems in the rough #4

More assorted short takes about building websites

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Here a drib, there a drab, everywhere a drib-drab of web dev miscellany.

Speaking up for Sass

Why rumors of its death are greatly exaggerated

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It may not be This Week’s Kewl Thing, but Sass/SCSS is still an invaluable part of web development.

Beginner’s luck: an update

New and updated starter sets for Eleventy and Hugo

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The inventory has grown, so here’s what I currently offer for those interested in the two best SSGs.