A normal person’s guide to static websites
Advice from a semi-normal old web geek

Published: September 22, 2020

Want to have a website of your own but having trouble figuring out how to proceed? Here’s some help.

Two, but not terrible
Dual candles on the site’s cake

Published: September 15, 2020

“Reminiscin’” as this site celebrates its second birthday.

Goodbye and hello • Part 5
Failing to plan

Published: September 9, 2020

Two embarrassments: another site move and the reason behind it.

Goodbye and hello • Part 4
The future is now, so to Render we go

Published: September 5, 2020
Last modified: September 22, 2020

My curiosity overcomes me and, yet again, I move the site.

Mixed nuts • September, 2020
Oddities, observations, offal

Published: September 3, 2020

Once more into the breach, dear friends, with assorted somethings-or-others.