Leaner and cleaner

Simpler is (usually) better

January 31, 2021

After I remind myself of this site’s original, spartan appearance, changes result.

Estimated reading time: 1:40

Beta-testing Cloudflare Pages

A possible game-changer emerges

January 27, 2021
Last modified February 12, 2021

I take a look at a new website-hosting platform and find some early glitchiness, but also plenty of potential.

Estimated reading time: 6:04

Gems in the rough #2

More geeky hints for SSG fans

January 16, 2021
Last modified January 28, 2021

Another collection of neat and/or nerdy items.

Estimated reading time: 4:53


A theoretical conversation about building static websites

January 3, 2021

Simplicity is in the mind of the conveyor.

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Through with 2020

This site’s offerings in a rough year

December 30, 2020
Last modified January 11, 2021

What I talked about while the world burned.

Estimated reading time: 6:51