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HardyPress: WP + SSG with a twist

Trying to have the best of two worlds

Here’s a brief look at an interesting way to have your WordPress cake and eat your SSG site, too—or something like that.

published:  September 15, 2018
last modified:  April 27, 2019

While researching the static-site generator (SSG) scene for the first time in a while yesterday, I happened upon HardyPress.

It’s an interesting proposition: it takes the whole WordPress-to-SSG idea one step further. HardyPress keeps your WordPress install on a hidden location where you edit to your heart’s delight, and only then does the content get on the web—but as static files. So you get the advantage of ease-of-use in WordPress and the security of SSG.

In addition, they host it on a CDN that, as nearly as I can tell, uses Amazon to hit 30 edge servers worldwide. They even provide SSL certs so you can avoid the nasty red blot on Chrome, Firefox, and other HTTPS-savvy browsers.


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